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Group Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Team

Employee Benefits Team

Benefits Advisor, Doug Koning along with Account Representatives Darla Tiffany and Carrie Betz make up our employee benefits team.

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Small Business Health Insurance

As a small business owner, finding the right fringe benefits package is critical. The plan you select will not only have a direct impact on your bottom line, but also on your ability to attract and retain employees.

We are dedicated to helping you manage your health care costs while providing the best possible coverage options for your business. Because of cost we start with your health insurance package.  We then move on to the cost/benefit analysis of life, dental, vision, and disability benefits. These services are included with the benefits you select.

Expert Guidance and Perspectives - "Using our Experience to Make a Difference"

We work with each client individually, providing personalized attention and solutions tailored specifically to meet your small business health insurance needs. We also keep you up to date on the latest benefit plan changes, government programs and new opportunities–helping you save both time and money. We are accessible to not only you, the employer, but also to your employees as well.

We continue to monitor, analyze and recommend as the full impact of health Care Reform takes effect.  We not only help you select the best coverages but also the best coverage model to suit your goals.

Insurance Carriers

We have many insurance carriers to chose from and we are on the preferred agent list with the major providers.  After nearly 50 years of meeting the needs of local businesses, we have developed strong relationships with all of the major insurers in the region including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Priority Health, United Health Care, Guardian, MetLife/MMA, Companion and Lincoln. That means we can help you navigate the process and find the best plan for your small business by choosing from multiple options with multiple carriers.

Managing Your Small Business Benefits Program

Are you a small employer worried about the upcoming ramifications of Health Care Reform and looking for guidance on how to proceed?  We have invested heavily on compliance assistance for you and your Human Resources Department.  We offer assistance with employee benefit booklets, Summary Plan Descriptions, and we also send Compliance Alerts as the rules get modified, changed or reinterpreted