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Client Centered Investment Team

Client Centered Investment Team

Our Investment Services

We offer insight on the following financial planning topics:

Retirement Income Planning

  • Planning for sustainable retirement income
  • Strategies for retirement plan distributions
  • Social Security & Medicare Planning
  • Saving for retirement
  • IRAs, Employer-sponsored retirement plans: 401(k), 403(b), 457, and Annuities

Investment Planning

  • We assist in setting Investment goals
  • Investment basics
  • We work with you by designing & managing an investment portfolio
  • We help allocate & diversify assets
  • Determine whether taxable or tax-free investing
  • Using stocks, bonds, CD's
  • Mutual Funds/EFT's*
  • Separately managed accounts*
  • Alternative Investments

College Education Planning

  • 529 plans*
  • Financial aid impact
  • Student loans
  • Repaying student loans
  • Education tax credits & deductions

Insurance Planning

  • Designing a suitable life insurance plan
  • Protecting your loved ones with Life Insurance
  • Estimating your life insurance needs
  • What type of life insurance is best for you?
  • Creating an estate plan with life insurance
  • Long-term care options
  • Financial impact of disability
  • Determining your best option for health insurance

Estate Planning Assistance

  • Wills & trusts/teaming with your estate attorney
  • Charitable gifting strategies
  • Planning for incapacity
  • Creating & preserving a family legacy using life insurance in estate planning
  • Assisting with beneficiary stratgies on your estate
  • Strategies to minimize estate taxes

Personal Finance

  • Budgeting & cash reserves
  • Identifying the optimum return available

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